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livejournal. worth the time?

Probably not.

Not at all.


Got an autograph from Amy Goodman!! :D

She's so super awesome!

I <3 NPR and PBS (:

because they just rock (for the most part).

meanwhile... CNN has been demoted to sucky journalism along with most of the rest.

Nightline and 60 minutes are still not too horrible though.
I tried to go for a jog at 8ish pm and confidently thought I knew the area roughly enough to not get lost.

So I jog and jog, and eventually it gets kind of dark, and the neighborhoods start getting... unkempt, and I'm not recognizing anything around me, and I was thinking, hmm shouldn't I have passed by Michigan Ave by now?


well, long story short, I picked a direction and moved along it for a long time, and eventually, I get saved by directions from a 7-11 store! :) yay 24 hour stores

anyway, the odd thing about the people here is that everyone assumes you drive. I tried explaining that I jogged there, but hey just ignored that comment, flew right past their heads, and went right on ahead explaining how I have to make u-turns because cars can't turn left at that intersection...

And it wasn't just that 7-11 store either. I went along, and tried to get confirmation directions from another convenience store along the way, and the exact same thing happened, and the exact same thing happened at the CVS pharmacy store :/

Clearly, a michiganian I am not.

So I get tired of even trying to explain, it's not like it really matters anyway. I get to assume I'm large enough to be a car! :P

My little detour took me 6 miles around dearborn, and into inkster, michigan.

The other things I noticed was that this area seems to have been heavily affected by the downturn in the economy... :( There were so many signs offering free rent for the 1st month, while in boston, a lot of times you have to pay an extra first month rent to get in! And the convenience store I dropped into, had bullet proof glass surrounding the clerks, and a weird turntable protection thingie to not allow direct linear access between the clerk to the customer. Wow... rough neighborhood :/

On the plus side, I stopped by a Taco Bell, and got into an interesting discussion about Cinco de Mayo with the girl at the counter.

anyway, time to get back to work!

Happy Star Wars Day

May The 4th Be With You


off to michigan again for 2 weeks!
2 awesome whole weeks in a motel! yaaaay!
2 weeks of no kitchen! uh yeaaay...
2 weeks of long hours and dark, windowless rooms...
uhm... 2 weeks of detroit and dearborn.... yeaah...

old memories

isn't it weird how the scent of old perfume on a birthday card can bring so many memories crashing back to your consciousness? It's her laugh and her smile that I miss most.

I wonder. Maybe it would be better to not have these temptations around, and just get rid of my old keepsakes, and just, well, move on. But I always find a way to rationalize keeping it.

I'll just cut out the static noise, and decide I'll keep them anyway. Because, I know I can't bear to let it go. at least, not yet.

I wonder what the connection between scents to memories are. they bring back such powerful memories for me... More stuff to research later :)

"The goal of Paulville.org it to establish gated communities containing 100% Ron Paul supporters ..."


bad experimental subject

Apparently, I have gained a reputation for producing anomalous data as a subject in experiments :P

Apr. 27th, 2008

work, work, work.
way too much to do, too little time to do it in.